Our mission is to transform the employee benefits landscape by providing a seamless and personalized experience. We aim to make employee benefit programs relevant, valuable, and easy to manage for companies of all sizes, particularly those with global remote or distributed teams.

We are value driven

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Collaboration is at the heart of our team. We thrive on working together, brainstorming ideas, and bringing out the best in each other.


We are a team of creative problem solvers who love turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.


We believe in empowering our team members, providing them with the autonomy and resources they need to excel. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone's contributions are valued, and individuals are encouraged to take ownership and initiative.

Sticky notes, doodles, and imaginative messiness spark innovation.
We stealthily solve problems with unconventional brilliance.
Our daily fuel is 90% caffeine, 10% enchantment.
From high-fives to impromptu dance parties, we celebrate uniqueness.
Lunchtime potlucks ignite culinary adventures and team bonding.

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Meet Our Team

Driven by a shared vision, we set out to change the landscape of employee benefits.

Naren Krishna
Co-Founder & CEO
Sales, Marketing and Captain of the ship.

Bhavesh Upadhyay
Co-Founder & CTO
All things technology. We never dared to ask if he could fix our laptops.
Ganesha Gampa
Co-Founder & CPO
Resident Gen Z and everything Product.

Backend Developer
Rumour has it that he can make servers dance while processing data at lightning speed.
Backend Developer
Just don't ask him to pull a rabbit out of his server rack - he prefers coding tricks over magic tricks.
Full Stack Developer
He builds magic from front to back.

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Personalizing benefits to foster well-being and engagement. Simplifying program management to enhance value and support growth.

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