Offer employee benefits that are Personalised

Jellybean helps employers offer a delightful employee benefits experience without spending any extra time, money or effort.
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Quick onboarding
Zero admin hassles
Global, remote and inclusive benefits
Benefit Providers

Jellybean is the only employee benefits
solution you'll ever need.

Manage, design and disburse a custom benefit program

Our category-based wallet system enables you to assign personal budgets and set category-wise spend controls. This enables you to fulfil your company’s priorities and goals within our choice-based platform.

Offer everything, offer choice.

From physical fitness to pet care products, our catalogue is deeply curated, diverse and ever-evolving. We promise to offer whatever type of benefit you or your employees want.

Benefits awareness and communication 

Jellybean’s intuitive and guided employee onboarding experience enables every employee to get a deep understanding of their benefits and how they can leverage them to the fullest extent.

Zero admin hassles, Set and forget experience

Point solutions with complex admin, procurement, and fulfilment are things of the past with Jellybean’s platform. You get instant access to all vendors, without having to deal with even one employee support or vendor query.

Dashboards with real-time data analytics

Employers get real-time access to periodic survey responses, benefit utilisation stats, segmented user analysis. This makes decision making, ROI measurement and financial audits an easy and frictionless process. 
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A universe of benefits for today’s modern, multigenerational workforce

Jellybean’s offerings touch every aspect of your employees' lives. Choice, diversity, and inclusivity are inbuilt features of our marketplace.
  • Pharmacy, Diagnostics and e-Consultations
  • Mental and Sexual Health
  • Co-working spaces
  • News, Digital Magazines
  • Movies, OTT, Music
  • Home
  • E-commerce, Fashion, Shopping
  • Beauty and Self-care
  • Fitness, Nutrition and Yoga
  • Fertility and Women's Health
  • Elder Care
  • Financial Wellness
  • Pet Care
  • Food & Groceries
  • Commute
  • Travel

Employers with Jellybean

Employers don't have to deal with unnecessary queries, no need to be in contact with multiple vendors and set deals. With zero employer hassle & set and forget experience, get things done more quicker.
  • No need to deal with multiple solutions.
  • Zero admin hassle.
  • Set and Forget experience.

Employers without Jellybean

Employers have to deal with unnecessary queries, multiple vendors, and set individual deals. 
  • Have to deal with multiple solutions and vendors.
  • Have to deal with employee queries.
  • No way to track the benefits usage by employees.

Employees with Jellybean

Employees can choose their own benefits. This eventually increases benefits usage and creates a happier workforce. 
  • Employees get custom benefits with Jellybean.
  • No unutilized benefits.
  • Freedom to choose from over 15+ categories.

Employees without Jellybean

Employees are provided with the benefits that they may or may not even use. Employees feel frustrated with their workplace as they don't have the freedom to get benefits of their choice.
  • Everyone gets the same benefits.
  • Unutilized benefits.
  • No way to track employee satisfaction.

"Jellybean has frankly been game-changing for us. Our employees find the benefits experience very interesting, and it saves us a lot of time and money. We had to deal with 8 different vendors earlier, now we only deal with Jellybean. We are delighted to have partnered with Jellybean"

CHRO at a leading health tech startup

Give your employees the Jellybean life

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