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Jellybean - Run employee benefits, perk & reward programs on Slack | Product Hunt
Jellybean - Run employee benefits, perk & reward programs on Slack | Product Hunt














No platform cost. No processing fees. No hidden charges.

Manage Employee Benefits And Rewards On Slack.

Checking balances, submitting claims & managing approvals all on Slack. Your employees will love it.

Fun Facts
80% of employees would choose a job with personalized benefits

Deloitte's survey reveals that 80% of employees prioritize personalized benefits when choosing a job, underscoring the significance of tailoring benefits to individual needs and preferences.

31 %
Personalized benefits drove 31% higher employee engagement.

Gallagher's study highlights a 31% surge in employee engagement for organizations implementing personalized benefit programs.

84% prefer personalized benefits for longer employee retention.

According to a compelling survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, a significant 84% of employees expressed a stronger commitment to staying with their employer for a longer duration when offered personalized benefits.

Personalized benefits foster loyalty for 79% of employees surveyed.

In a noteworthy finding, a survey conducted by Glassdoor revealed that a significant majority of employees (79%) firmly believe that personalized benefits have the potential to significantly enhance their loyalty and commitment towards their employer.

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How It Works


Create Personalized Benefit Policies

Easily create benefit allowance policies with defined budgets, frequencies and expiries for different employee groups.

Tailor policies to suit your company's unique needs, ranging from physical fitness, workation, work from home allowances to telephone reimbursements, and more.


Seamlessly Track Wallet Balances In Real Time

Empower your global, remote or distributed teams to discover all their benefit policies in one centralized platform.

Keep track of their real-time balances and utilize the benefits within the allocated budgets.


Streamline Claims And Reimbursements

Submit bills effortlessly through our intuitive platform or directly through Slack.

Our advanced OCR technology automates data entry, minimizing discrepancies and saving time.

Track the approval status of claims, ensuring transparency and efficiency.


Discover The Jellybean Marketplace

Currently available in India. Launching a global catalogue soon.

Unlock the marketplace feature to offer additional benefits to your employees.

Employees can avail themselves of curated offerings in categories like health, fitness, learning and development, financial wellness, and more.

Access a wide range of services without the hassle of submitting claims.

4 Power features everyone neeeds to see

Our to-do app is packed with powerful features to help you streamline your task list and boost your productivity.

Prioritize tasks with ease, boost productivity.

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Collaborate with team, enhance teamwork

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Track progress and visualize success

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Customize with flexible options, optimize workflow

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Hear What Our Users Have To Say About Jellybean

Chief People officer
"Jellybean was an instant eye catcher when they said that they can manage our complex reimbursement policies which were so far all manual. We have been using Jellybean for 4 months now and it has changed the way we handled benefits administration. Jellybean is enabling HR professionals to innovate with newer policies without manual administration hassle"
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Co-founder & CEO
Jellybean has been a game-changer for our company's benefits administration. With its personalized benefits feature, we have been able to offer tailored and relevant perks to our employees, enhancing their overall satisfaction and engagement. The platform's user-friendly interface has made it easy for us to manage and implement these personalized benefits efficiently.
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Affordable Plans for Every Budget, Choose Yours

Matte. offers a range of pricing plans to fit every budget and level of need. Whether you're a solo professional, a small business, or a large corporation, we have a plan that's right for you.

Professional plan
  • Single user
  • Limited features
  • Multiple users
  • Expanded features
  • Premium support
Ultimate plan
  • Single user
  • Limited features
  • Multiple users
  • Expanded features
  • Premium support
  • 24/7 support security
  • Reporting features
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Customization options

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Personalizing benefits to foster well-being and engagement. Simplifying program management to enhance value and support growth.

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